To our on-line shop Badassdogs. The story behind our name came  from my puppy  named Harley.  He was a mischievous little puppy always pushing the limits and always sending his momma over the edge.  When I would start to yell at him he would look at me with his big brown sad eyes and of course I would melt.
As time went by I started to call him badass because he was always getting into trouble.  For the longest time Harley probably thought his name was badass.  Now Harley is 4 years old and is the most loveable, playful black lab you would ever want to have in your life.

Our Mission 

 To help provide protective vests for local community K9 units. When you think about the dangerous situations that these animals are thrust into, it is necessary to help protect them. Most often, local police, fire and rescue cannot provide these sometimes life saving vests for the dogs on their own. Budgets are stretched tight and for these animals that risk their lives...we feel its important to help protect them for giving so much. A portion of every sale goes into a new vest. Please help us with this cause.

Thank you,